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Lecture 4 Marxism  International relations are a reflection of the economic system of production: capitalism  Capitalism is not sustainable over time (over production and worker exploitation leads to falling demand and eventual collapse)  Class is the main unit of analysis  Lenin and Hobson‟s theory of imperialism  The state promotes capitalist interests  The inevitable demise of capitalism: when?  Empirical predictions: Conflict over markets; imperialism; diversionary wars; collusion of capitalist classes; underdevelopment and dependency; MIC - Neo Marxism: World Systems Analysis  Immanuel Wallerstein  Holistic analysis  Core, periphery, semi periphery  Growing inequality; the demise of the capitalist system Constructivism  A social reading of IR- social institutions give meaning to material factors  Institutions: a set of customs, practices, relationships, or behavioral patterns of importance in the life of a community or society; institutions are the rules of the game, the norms that regulate behavior; they generate repetitive and predictable behavior; they define the social constraints and opportunities that actors face.  Intersubjectivity  Actors identities are shaped by institutions and norms.  Unit of analysis: identiti
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