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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sebastian Baglioni

 Possible test questions o What is the difference between a big-C and a small-c constitution? o What are the three pillars of a constitution? o What is a constitution?  Topics for this lecture o The SCC on the Constitution o Competing Constitutional visions (4) o Amending formulae (5)  Federalism o The parliament is responsible for certain things, whereas the province is responsible for other things.  Constitution o Global system of constitutional rules and principles o A superficial provision of readings of the constitution may be misleading - it is necessary for a profound reading which animates the whole of the Constitution. o Reflects the will of the people  If you're going to change the Constitution, it has to be in accordance with the power of those elected into power o Four constitutional visions:  Pan-Canadian vision  Dualistic image  Refers to two; two parliaments, in this case (Parliament of Canada & Parliament of Quebec) Aboriginal   Aboriginals had their own image of the Canadian Constitution  They believe that they have constitutional statuses in this country that are different from everybody else's; seeing as how everybody else is conquerors.  Section 35 in the Constitution - refers to the rights of Aboriginals.  Federal-Provincial ensemble  Deals with all provinces  Importance of having the provinces on board o The Supreme court asked f
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