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Lecture 23

POL214Y1 Lecture 23: Media and Politics

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Political Science
Nelson Wiseman

POL214 – March 23, 2015 Media and Politics 1. Who sets the political agenda? a. Competing views i. Pluralist  media world is divided, there isn’t one view and the political view is divided and the political actors and media compete with each other 1. There’s no one dominant or hegemonic group, the edge shifts back and forth between political forces and interest groups 2. Environmental issue gets more attention 3. Terrorist attack might increase conservatives 4. Pluralist is a contest on the media and within media, there are contents 5. Political actors and media have resources  media offers accessibility and that suggests they have credibility with the audience 6. Freedom of the press 7. News press  still have stories of political parties and institutions have money of their disposal to message their image through focus groups, polls 8. Governing parties have state powers  power of patronage, media have to report them 9. Some of the media aren’t contempt to report, but see their role as attacking 10. Much more authoritarian view about what the messages are for the government 11. Media are propaganda machine for the political they’re a defect propaganda machine for political actors and these sources interpret issues, events, policies ii. Elitist
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