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Political Parties and Voting Behaviour

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Victoria Wohl

Canadian Politics: Week 11 J November 30 , 2010 th Potential exam questions: Describe the FPTP Electoral System. How does the electoral system distort support for the strongest parties? What are some alternatives to the FPTP system? Political Parties and Voting Behaviour 1. Potential Effects of Polls - Polls influence voting behaviour, have changed the whole thrust of campaigning - Leaders used to find out about what was going on in their ridings through their MPs - Now can take scientific polls - Get a lot of attention in elections - Polls help undecided people decide on candidates, help people to vote strategically - Parliament passed a law saying tha} }oL[o]ZZ}ooZ]Z]LZZ}L election o Newspaper chains went to court complaining that law violated freedom of the press o Law was passed as it is possible to publish a false poll J }ooZZL[ scientifically legitimate o 1998, Supreme Court ruled to strike down the law Claimed that law goes overboard as limits freedom of the press, prohibits publicatio
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