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Lec 2: Constitution and Constitutional Change point form

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Victoria Wohl

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Lec2: the constitutionand constitutionalchange September-21-10 2:11PM Turnitin: CourseID:2502532 Password:canada InCanada,youcan beinthecabinetwithoutbeingelected.Itsacustom. Youcan beelectedtoparliamentasacabinetministerandnotbearegionalelective.Ifyourunfora houseofcommonspositionandlose,youmustconsequentlyresignyourpositionasacabinet member. { 3pillarsoftheconstitution Responsiblegov(1848) Federalism(1867) Withtheseperationofprovincesandtheirowngovernments,andthefederal government,thepplhadtoanswertobothgovs Parliamentarysupremacy Bifurcatedparl.Supremacy(divided-levelsofgov) Constitutionalsupremacy(everyoneisincluded) Doesnotmeanthefedpowersareany less Charter(1982) Thecharterlaysout therightsand ordersthefedprinciple { Whatisa constitution? { BigCvs. Smallc constitution BigC areformaltexts-writtendown Actof1867 - BritishNorthAmericanAct Actof1982 - additionofCharterofRights Andanyotheracts part of theconstitution Orderincounsel(referringtothecabinet) -issueshavetheforceoflawevenifthey arenotdebatedinparliamentiftheyaredecidedbythecabinetorsuch
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