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Lec 3: Machinery of Government point form

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Victoria Wohl

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Lec3: machinery of government September-28-10 2:22 PM 1. Prospectsforconstitutionalamendment 2. FormalorganizationofCanadiangovernment 3. Governorgeneral 4. Primeminister 5. Cabinet 6. Centralagencies 1. Heisshowingtheconstitutionalamendingformulae. a. Thereasonittooktill1982 forCanadiansto makeup theirmindstochangetheconstitution withouthavingtogoto theBritishgovernmentisbecausetheycouldntgetaconsensuson how toamendtheconstitution. b. Theconstisconstantlychangingsince1867 to 1982 etc. Megaconst.Changeisfalling. i. Whyarewemost unlikelytochangetheamendingformoftheconst?Althoughthe amendingformissimple,itisveryhardtogetthenecessarysupportaccordingtothe amendingformulae. ii. Referendaarenowanoptionforconstchange.Itismovingtowardbeingaconventionto amendtheconstitution. iii. Thepopofquebecdoesnotbelievetheconsttobeallthatlegitimatebecausetheynever signedit.buttheydobelieveinthecharterofrightsandtheythinkitsagreatideabutthe consstilldoesnothavethelegitimacyithasinotherprovinces. 2. FormalorganizationofCanadiangovernment Youdo notvoteforthestate - theheadof thestateis thequeen,sheistherepofthe state. Theheadofgov isthePM. Theoppositionisthereintheory.Ifforsomereasonthegovfallsorisdefeatedthenthereis someonetheretopickupthepieces. TheexecutiveisthePMandthecabinet.Thewordsthat appearintheconst as theformal executivearetheprivycouncil,thequeenandtheGovernorGeneral.ThesearethebigC. IncosnttheMPs shouldbethemostimportantactors inpo
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