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Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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Political Science
Victoria Wohl

POL214 LEC NOV 16 9o]KL]ZL}L}ZL L]L} Z}:@Z]L[}]]LZo7ZooZ]L Kosovo. In the case of Afghanistan, parliament voted to sent them (there was party consensus initially). When it was apparent that the war could continue till 2011, the bloc Quebecois and another were against it. The situation right now is that instead of combat missions ending in early 2011, they will end in their combat missions in December 2011, and will keep 950 troops there for training missions. UN council for the rights of women: Canada, along with other Western nations opposed the entry of Iran into this council: Previously, a Canadian journalist went to Iran and was beaten and raped (she died). At the same time, Saudi Arabia is present in the council because }Z]K}L }L]]}LZ~]L^]]7}KLL[oo} to drive). As another example, Sudan and China are on the UN council on human rights: They are violators of human rights within their boundaries (Sudan against gays and China against pretty much everyone who opposes the regime). Today: - The CRF and the constitutional order - The CRF and the distribution of power - Applying the CRF - Negative liberties and positive rights - Equality and the CRF - Critics of the CRF >Z]Kol}Z Z[Z]K }L L[Z }LZ]]}Lo}9 }L]} legalization, Americanization and centralization of the order. J]L[2}ZAmericanization part (and we will also clarify centralization today). Prof talks about judicial review of the constitution J this is an important topic. We should be able to discuss it with reference to the federal principle, etc.
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