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Political Science
Victoria Wohl

POL214 LEC Oct 19, 2010 1. What is Federalism? 2. Why did Canada adopt a Federal System? 3. Eight faces of Canadian Federalism The Federal government is always giving money to the provinces J These payments include money for healthcare and pensions. Prof says that federalism takes us from convention to law. There are 28 countries in the world that have federal systems J 40% of the world population. Canada has one of the oldest. Prof talks about the 1998 vote for the secession of Quebec: The Supreme Court commented on the K7L}Z }KKLZZ; }oL[EZZ Z}Zo system: The central government must be consulted. The central government usually controls the areas of the country that are essential to national integrity: Defence, policy, etc. The provincial governments deal with other things like education, healthcare, etc. Prof says that in practice, federal government are usually biased: They are either more or less centralized. Canada is one of the less centralized federal systems, while the US has a more centralized system. How can we tell if a system is more or less centralized? One indicator of a bias in the federal system is to see who controls taxation, banking, finance, etc. Who controls them in Canada? JZ}2ZZ]o}~Z}Z]ZL[LK]LZ }LZ]]}L9The Canadian constitution states that all powers not mentioned in the constitution are federal. Z]Ll][ZZ}Z}L]L the US.
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