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POL201Y1Y20132014IMORTANT TERMS AND CONCEPTS SEMESTER TWOWeek 13 Was Democracy Just A MomentDOHA Round of WTO ContinuesWhat was supposed to happenoThis round was crucial for WTO credibilityoHopeful that they would reach some sort of agreementoWTO could collapse if nothing happenedWhat Happened oWTO claimed that the wound was a big success but it really wasntoThey tried to reduce bureaucraticbarriers to trade and reduce tariffs on poor countries oCreated standards that are unachievable for poor countries allowed poor countries 4 years of food subsidiesissue will be debated on againMajor ImplicationsoAlthough it is claimed that the DOHA round was a big success it wasntoThe major issues that were supposed to be negotiated werent even touched uponoThe DOHA round will continueDemocracyWays of ThinkingWhy has democracy become the watchwordHow did we get to where we are What does this meanTeleological Argument One that proposes that all things are designed and directed towards an end or purpose ie history builds toward a specific combinationone period builds towards the nextArguments about the RiseFall of Democracy1Marxs Argument Teleological ArgumentPrimitive CommunismSlave SocietyFeudalismCapitalismSocialismCommunismEach phase of economic development contains a seed of destruction that leads the way the next oneEvery stage of human production engenders the next final stage is communism2Francis Fukuyama Teleological ArgumentDemocracy is the highest point of human developmentthe endpoint of human historyDemocracy is good widespread and here to stayThings will continue happening but this is the final achievement and there will be no more transitions3Kaplans Argument Democracy is Just a MomentMain Argument Democracy is not necessarily good and real democracy hardly widespread Democracy is becoming less democratic and therefore is not here to stayFive Parts to Kaplans Argument Democracies are Value Neutral Democracy emerges as a capstone to economic development Moral Arguments Democracy is not here to stay and Benign DictatorshipsHybrid RegimesDemocracies are Value NeutralMajor Argument Democracies are nothing more than institutions that translate the will of the majority into government policyKaplan is using a thin definition of democracyelectoral mechanismdemocracy cannot be exported but elections canlead to violenceExamples Hitler Mussolini elected via democracyDemocracy A capstone to economic developmentMajor Argument Organic outgrowth of development rising literacy rate educationThe ability to reason read and analyse information independently
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