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Political Science
C Jung

POL201 Electoral Systems and RepresentationHanging chad problem the ballots were unreadable by machines Miscount of the electoral resultsFlorida Supreme Court ordered a recount of all the ballotsPeople argue about that people who get appointed by a president are basically lackeysVoting and how people vote to channel peoples preferences The work that voting does in theory it lodges sovereignty in the peopleVoting lodges sovereignty in the peopleIt legitimates government leaders and legislationObligates citizens to abide by government laws and policiesVoting and electoral systems are features of modern democratic systemsConversation about classical democracy End result consensusSystems of direct democracy Town hall meeting as an exampleDirect Democracy The Referendum Proposition 8 California Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California 694 valid petition signatures to have a lot of support behind you even before the vote Almost 14 million voted on the proposition which passed by 4 pointsVoting is delegating power to help someone elseMost democracies came about from enlarging the populations of votersAs a result of the exclusion of different segments of the populationBoundary of gender fell away mostly in world war one Democratization has operated this way as a gradual extension of the franchiseMajoritarian SystemsMajority 501Ridings Canada Congressional Districts USAEach riding is represented by a single member of parliament the opposite would be a multi member district
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