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Political Science
C Jung

Race Ethnicity and Gender in DemocracyStates make race We need to step back and ask how we got to the point of thinking this wayWhat is raceWhy are we concernedEugenics Establish that there were racial differences propositions race was correlated with hierarchical differences improve the human race by breeding out the inferior in favor of the superiorAttached to value label about inferiority and superiority Practical project Scientific PerspectiveEugenicists tried to get a handle of what the different races wereStudy of race more scientificTell a persons race by measuring his skull and femurHuman zoos Brought from places like Africa and other exotic places Made to live for months in so called recreations of their natural habitats Idea was that these people were used as specimens as particular racial categoriesSarah Barton Bought to England in 1810 exhibited around Britain posed nude for scientific paintings for what were considered unusual atanomonic features Sold in France Died at the age of 26 possibly of small pox Her skeleton and her preserved genitalia and brain were exhibited in Paris until 1974 2002 remains were returned in South Africa Eugenics was particularly powerful in the US and BritainUsed as a justification for slavery and colonialismHitler and his government believed firmly in EugenicsSince the Holocaust experiments that were meant to establish racial difference and hierarchy people started to realize the implications of eugenicsLogically end point uncovered in all its horror delegitimized through the HolocaustEugenics was not considered morally acceptableEugenics
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