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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Victoria Wohl

POL214 Canadian Politics TURNITIN Course ID: 2502532 PASSWORD: Canada Parliament decides how many seats will be in the house of commonshow many will be in each province. The Conservatives just proposed a bill to increased the seats in house of commons Last Class: 3 pillars of a constitution 1. Responsible government - 1848 2. Federalism 1867 a. Federal Parliament and Provincial Parliament b. Wanted a responsible government, similar to the united kingdom i. How Canada created a Federalist Government 3. Charter of Rights 1982 What is a Constitution? Big C vs Small c Constitutions. In 1867, we moved from Parliamentary Supremacy to Bifurcated Parliament Supremacy, Canada was no longer a United Kingdom, it was a Divided Kingdom. It was soon made where one level of government could sue another level of government. 1982, when we acquired our Charter, we included everyone and anyone is referred to in the charter, move from bifurcated supremacy to Constitutional supremacy; includes the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Charter limits the Parliamentary supremacy, it doesnt fully eclipse (stop) parliamentary supremacy, ex, there are cameras in the House of Commons, if parliament wants to get ride of them, and they can. Not even the Media can say otherwise. The Charter has qualified parliamentary supremacy. The Charter can Trump federalist principles 3 . Big C vs Small c Constitution. They are the formal texts of the constitution, constitution act 1982, and 1867.
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