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Socio-economic setting

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Victoria Wohl

02:46 January 18, 2011 SOCIO-ECONOMIC SETTINGS? HOW WELL OF ARE CANADIANS WHAT GROUPS ARE MORE OR LESS WELL-OFF? WHAT MAKES FOR EQUALITY Q. WHAT IS IDEOLOGY? brooks says ideology is ever present, and we all have ideologies whether we accept it or not Conventional wisdom is pervasive (dominant ideology) Comes out of French Revolution, by rationalists and supporters of the revolution, whosaw freedom of thought and expression as the resultsaccomplishments of the rev They hoped to develop a science of ideas; ideologists committed to the science of ideas, to get a true understanding of human nature to help us organize our society to ensure it operates harmoniously Def. a body of ideas that reflects the needs and desires of a culture group of people Expresses the most fundamental ideas of the nature individual and the nature of society and the nature of relationship of both (liberal definition) liberal because individual is prime. Others dont see and individual separate from society Ideologies are interpretations of society, that offer vision of how society and gov ought to be organized, based on philosophical principles Political parties use ideologies to formulate heir platforms A way of interpreting reality WHAT DO WE MEAN BY LEFT AND RIGHT WING? Centrist usually means accepting the pervasive wisdom Left and right are short hand labels for conflicting ideological beliefs on issues of how society is or should be organized , politics is or should be functioning etc. Look at the rationale for policy what was policy introduced to do? who is this intended to help? Socialists associate them selves with victimized, poor, minority groups Liberals do so with more wealthy among society
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