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Socio-economic setting Pt.1

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Political Science
Victoria Wohl

January 11, 2011 02:50 THE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC SETTING overview of last term: focus of institutions of government and federal system, electoral system. this term shift to looking at political issues: identities, social and economic setting, society and economy, ideology and political culture, ideas that drive Canadian politics, public values in Canada and they differ from region to region, Regionalism, Qubec and language politics, Canada in a global context, impact of globalization, foreign policies, and other policies, diversity politics: gaylesbian, multicultural, race relations, aboriginal politics, media and finally interest groups Three Fault Lines CH1 p.27-28 Three axes around which can politics has evolved The first rift bw Eng-French speaking communities - 1759- French defeat on plains of Abraham by gen. Wolfes British forces - French were a majority prior to this, large subjugated majority - by 1856 they became a majority and wanted representation - by 1976 discourse in Quebec shifted from subjugation to sovereignty - 1980 and 1995 two referenda were held regarding Quebecs independence second is fault line American Canadian relations - Canada and the US had a different relationship then, Americans had a revolution to the colonials, Canada and French remain loyal to the crown - defending protecting Canadian culture & American domination of the American economy, foreign policy and defense policy - the threat to French Canada is not from the US its from English Canada - Canadian know they are not American! third is regionalism - is a product of the vastness and diversity of Canada - the economies and histories of the regions are very different - provincial gov. have promoted regionalism and provincial identities
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