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Contemporary Soc.Conserv.Liberal.

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Political Science
Victoria Wohl

January 25, 2011 Small cls 1. CONVERSATISM, LIBERALISM, SOCIALISM (CONTEMPORARY) contemporary conservatism is an antithesis of classical conservatism. Gov should not be harnessed to achieve economic success Class conservatism stresses authorityhierarchy where cont conservatists recognize cultural diversity, yet it is not their job to promote it They see individuals responsible for their own actions They oppose collectivist policies because they undermine personal dignities They view he best form of gov as small weak with minimal taxes, They are committed to maximize individual choices Moral issues; they believe they state should not be in control of them. Not morally neutrals CONTEMPORARY LIBERALISM Seeks to balance with promoting and protecting less disadvantaged groups and people More group focused than classical liberalism or contemporary conservatism Also more open to govern regulating capitalism and economic with the objective to improving social economic welfare of people More supportive of policies like pay equity More in support of education unlike classical liberalism More sympathetic to social entitlements: right to health, shelter, education these were first pushed forth by socialists They want to balance individual freedom and social equality. They believe in equality of opportunity and the state needs to be involved in it State should promote social justice in terms of its policies Contemporary SOCIALISM
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