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Political Science
Victoria Wohl

January 18 th POL214 Lecture 2: Good question for test based on last weeks class? -The material well being of Canadian, quality of life Canadians have? -Socio economic Canadians? What groups are well of what groups are not? How equal are Canadians? What makes for inequality? Today: What is ideology? What do we mean by left wing + right wing? What do we mean by: o -Conservatism (a lot of what we call conservatism now is classical liberalism) - Liberalism - Socialism - Contemporary + Classical o Ideology? o Is ever present all around o We have ideological beliefs whether we know it or not o Acknowledge it or not o Dominant ideology is so prevalent u dont even recognize its an ideology. o Few concepts in politics that get as much attention as ideology. o Ideology affects the role of ideas in political life. o The idea of ideology comes form a liberal resolution. 1795 a group calling itself the ideologist form- commited to the study history of ideas, the were rationalists believed in reason, liberals( saw freedom of though, expression as the main accomplishments of the French revolution). o They thought they needed to develop a science of ideas- a true understanding and knowledge of human nature that would help us dcide how to organzize society so that it operates harmoniously. o What is ideology? A body of ideas that reflects the social needs and aspirations of a social group, individual or culture. o -ideology expresses the most fundamental ideas about the nature of the individual , the nature of society and the nature of the relationship of individual and society. o (that is a liberal defination of ideology because it makes a distinction of the individual on the one hand and society on the one hand. For a liberal individual is prime. Conservatives cant see an individual separate from the society as a whole. o Ideologies offer interprtations of political relations in society, vision of how society and govt is organzized and ought to be organized, deals with
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