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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Nelson Wiseman

POL214October 24 2011Bring essays to class on OCT 31 next mondaysubmit on turnitin before turning it in on the 31stTopic FederalismFederalism1The Federal Principle2Origins of Confederation3Faces of FederalismJCPCIntraviresUltraviresStare DecisisMedicare1Comprehensive2Portable3Universal4Public Administration5AccessibleFactors in Federalisms Evolution1The Courts2InterGovernment negotiations3Fed Spending power4Public Expectations5TechnologyFederalismsecond pillar of constitution first being responsible governmenta conventionunwritten federalism is codifiedconstitutional act of 1867BNAWhat is Federalism What is the Federal principle Why did Canada adopt Federalism What are the factors that led to BNA1The Federal Principle idea that the power to legislate is divided among legislatures between a nationalcentralfederal parliament and a regional stateprovincial parliamenttoday there are 28 federal states in the worldbut federal principle does not operate same way every countrydifferent constitutionsfederalism is part of internal architecture of Canadian constitutionSCCthere are four principles one of which is federalis inherent internalfederal would control such areas that are considered essential to national identity IR trade security provincialwould control more local concernseducation roads citiesmunicipalities In theoretically pure federalism neither legislature is superior or inferiorlegislative jurisdiction has been equally dividedthe basic theoryin practice this doesnt always happenAnother feature of federal systems is the natural competition by both levels to try and expand
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