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Political Science
Nelson Wiseman

POL214 rdJanuary 23 2011 1 What is political culture Through survey research across five different countries they look at what people know about political system leader their evaluation and feelings about them Than they compare surveys The concept is very old goes back to Ancient Greek historian Aristotle and Plato compared thleaders cities societies this wasa form of political culture In 19 C a lot of Canadians talked about Canadian spirit which is another term for the political culture Culture is all around uslike the air Culture changes happen very slowly but opinions change faster Culture is more solid and stable than opinion it persists we have cultural symbols in Canadian culture ie Maple Leaf Flag beaver Charter hockey etc some of these symbols awoke unity and consent A person can have ideology but is a part of culture is grouped shared phenomenon Its a concrete behaviour There are also subcultures culture within culture ie ItalianCanadian political cultureCulture is transmitted from one generation to another Culture is pervasive it deals with dominant believes attitudes for authority regime its where people stand on different issues values beliefs Culture is something you learn and become acculturated2 Generic Approaches to Studying Political Culturethese ways apply to any culture4 i History the oldest way to understand political culture you wonder why some sociaties exceed and some fail you might consider historical landmarks political developments in the society you read from the present to the past to understand political culture From historical point
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