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Political Science
Nelson Wiseman

POL214Y1 thMarch 26 2012 1 Who set the agenda 5 the political agenda who decides what goes on is it the media or the politicians and the political parties institutions Are the media just communication actors Media are an important part of political world Media contribute to socialization they are source of knowledge and values they help us orient ourselves where we stand they offer images of institutions of politicians of parties They discuss the nature of society social values they describe whats going on in the institutions Media that has been particularly important is newspaper more so than other media TV and radio follow newspapers they read them over the night and then do a follow up Newspapers have larger coverage of the issue News are important in setting up the political agenda News stories structures are perception of political world News are selective they pay attention to other things more than others it ignores some things They are selective and structure really to what they present the language They decide for the consumer what the news is In this way media influences public opinion and contributes to values of what is normal what is respectable and what isnt media gives values and this can affect the level of support for political actors and institutions Media can focus how much or how little parliament is getting done The wording used gives us image of whats goingNews broadcast dont just report about what happened they create long term images ie Steven Harper has bad temper or is very controlling we got this through number of media coverage and it formulated a view it wasnt a matter of one coverage Media is very powerful television especially but it can be very inaccurate Depending on what the camera films and focuses on If public is asked whats the most important issue today is Most likely the issue that will be brought up is the one which was in the newspaperDoes media succeed in telling us what to think Not sure but it does succeed in telling us what to think about Media may not be saying whether say a free trade with Japan is good or bad but it will make you think about it It can also compell political actors to talk about things they do not wish to discuss So who does set the agenda 2 Media filter 5 3 Historical perspectivesPerspectives on who sets the agenda 1 Pluralist dominant in north America among academics This views says media isnt one thing there is different kind they are divied by ownership and perspectives just like the polticial parties Sothey suggest that relations between media and polticial actors are constantly shifting Thy vary and when you get to the election its not a contest just bt the parties but its about the media and the parties Its also a contest between the media who hasascoop If political actors are on one side and media actors on the other both have resources and power The completion between them from pluralist point of view goes on between them even between elections Other times political actors come up with an issue Both media and polticial actors have resources media has access to mass audience without
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