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POL214Y1 Lecture thMarch 5 20121 Independencevalue of selfgovernance is the fundamental principal of democracy The government is drawn from the elected people and it has two have the confidence of the people elected Canada becomes independent in 1867 but it isnt completely independent it could not sign international treaties till 1941 under the statute of West Minister which gave Canada and other white dominions power Some Canadian interests were neglected for example boundaries of Alaska and Canada were decided by British at Canadian expenseCanada had no supreme court the JCPC had such power that is why provinces get so much power Canada had no power to amend the constitution Canada got its power only in 1982 till then only British government could but it was upon Canadian request In 1919 Canada become the founder of L of U because of its participation in the war and large number of casualties Canada had two very important elections which revolved around AmericanCanadian elections 1911 and 1988 In 1911 liberals proposed free trade people voted against it conservatives stayed in power In 1988 conservatives proposed it the idea passed and now there is free trade In 1920 UNDER Mackenzie Kingsgovernment talked about adopting multilateral approach and distancing itself from British domination of Canada John Humphrey wrote the United Nations declaration of human rights Canada was founding nation of NATO1957 Canada was more multilateral and had more reserved approach to the Vietnam warCanada was involved in the Suez Canal beginning of peacekeeping2 Public OpinionEconomy Separation from British economy more foreign investment in Canada from USA than British Canada is unique because of the percentage of the foreign investment of united states Trade with use had dramatically increased in 30 years investment from the use is not as good as proportionate as it was 40 years ago People worry that free trade with use poses threats on Canadian sovereignty but looking at European union trade policies it is clear that they have much more constrains than NAFTA i e the common currency of EUCulture very sensitive issue among Canadians they are concerned about it fragility cultural industries Canadians invest more in USA than in Canada Canada and USA share language with USA while Quebec has shield of language thus Quebecers are not worried of their culture erodes while EnglishCanadians feel that American culture erodes Canadian culture and values but how do their cultural values differ Another issue is the American media domination should
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