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Marta Wojda POL 214 thFebruary 27 2012 Trajectory of Quebec Nationalism 1 Ideological Evolution 3 Quebec society economy popular culture has become more like English Canadian society like English popular culture society economy Public administration in Quebec is much more like the one in English Canada similar with public policies On ine hand two societies have become more similarconvergence on the other there handQuebec wants to became a nation state and separate Why Convergence is a product of modernization and modernization reduces feelings of inferiority Evolution of Quebec nationalism can be looked at in three national stages provided by Quebecois sociologist author of Quebec in Question L Rioux name of the era duration translation ideology party i La Survivance 18401950s Survival classic conservative ideology keeping Quebec the way it was having its traditional culture survive Union Nationale The idea was to protect French canadina culture and to present it as morally superior than anglopolitical culture protection from anglonisation secularism industrialization ubranization industrialisation Protestantism all these ideas were associated with the angloamerican world Leaders of the ideology were clergy In Quebec in 1960 there was economic hierarchy and segrega
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