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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Nelson Wiseman

POL214Y1 thMarch 19 2012 Possible Exam Question What is multiculturalism how is multiculturalism expressed in Canada What are the implications of multiculturalism for individuals and minority groups Aboriginals are a broad category the form has been introduced recently and it includes Indians within the reserves and outside along with the status and nonstatus Indians Status Indians are entailed to certain things like education Medicare nonstatus Indians are not covered by the Indian Act Inuit are also Indian but they are not under the Indian Act the third group is Metis which are not recognized under any act they are of mixed with white raceTill about 50 or 40 years Indians were considered second class citizens The Indians on reserves have different obligations they do not have to pay taxes The aim of Canadian policy was to assimilate aboriginals into Canadian culture and eradicate their traditional culture because it was believed that there is no future for Indians Elite groups articulated this view white culture was the highest the other cultures would die off thus for Indians to survive they would have to assimilate The traditional Indians still was inconsistent with the mainstream industrialized life style Indians were marginalized economically and socially 1 Textbook images the image portrayed was whenever few whites were killed by Indian it was a massacre when many Indians were killed by white men it was portrayed as positive heroes and the conquest of new horizons frontiers and spread of culture The textbooks depicted Indians as villains savages with no cultureThey were described as wild people they spirituality was portrayed as following of pagan superstitions These messages were also fed to Indian children which affected their selfesteem Many children were hesitant to identify themselves The number of Indians who identify themselves has gone up Indians have a higher birthrate and have an increase of population by 48 due to both birthrate and the increase in selfidentity in census The textbooks communicated ethnocentric racist view That white culture is the dominant culture Aboriginal children where often taken away and separated from their parents and forced into white schools where they were forbidden to speak their language practice their spirituality Many natives have died in Canada due to diseases transferred by whitesPrejudice still exist a judge once referred to Indian life as short brutish and nasty he promoted the European culture as dominant and he claimed Indians were not cultured until they white men came Nunavut is the only province where majority of the people is Indian 2 Aboriginal conditions by 2025 1 out of 3 people will be Indian in Saskatchewan Status Indians have rights to reserves there are 2700 reserves 23 are leased out for agriculture Most reserves have fewer peopleOn some reserves government representatives are not
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