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January 11 Lec Note

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Political Science
Victoria Wohl

PO L 214 - J A N U A R Y 11 2011 The Social and Economic Setting 1. Three Fault Lines - 3 axes around which international politics revolve 1) RiffCleavage Between English and French Speaking Communities - English French Fault line goes back to 1759 - Plains of Abraham in QC - General Woolfs British forces - look @cleavage in canadian politics we look @issues of different language groups, groups that have different religious orientation, cultural recognition - Initially in 1759, French were a majority - small english speaking minority - Small dominant economic view - Since then when the English became the majority, the french have been very protective of their culture - the talk in QC is now about sovereignty, not about subjugation - 1980, 1995 referendums in QC about QC become more sovereign and more independent from Cda - these 2 referendums attempted on the battlefield of the 20th century to do what woolfs muskets had accomplished on the Plains of Abraham in 1759 2) Canadian American Relations -Canadas Colonial Relation (First to France, then Britain, now people say to US) - Canada and USA had a different relationship to their colonial master (britain) - Americans had a revolution - Canada remained loyal to the british crown - those who stayed and came up called loyalists - in 19th century, the USA were believed to take over all of north america (including Canada) - since 20th century, no more concern that US would takeover canada. The concern is protecting and defending canadian culture and american domination of the canadian economy -How do Americans influence canadian foreign or defense policy? - Canadians may not know who they are, but they know who theyre not -- theyre not Americans 3) Regionalism - Product of vastness and diversity of Canada - People, economies, histories of the regions - Provincial governments have promoted their agents - 5 region concept of Canada
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