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Mar 1 Lecture

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Victoria Wohl

POL214 - March 1 2011 Canada in the World 1. Independence - Children of canadian citizens automatically become canadians - canadian citizenship is highly valued Self Government - democratic principle - an element of self government came to canada when we got responsible government in 1848 - people who executed the laws had to have the support of the popularly elected legislature - but canada still wasnt an independent state - when canada was formed in 1867, it moved along the path of self government - but there were still some things canada could use in an independent country.. Ex., couldnt sign treaties - only changed in 1871, when the statue of westminster was changed - another aspect of total independence wasnt there - it wasnt until 1982 with the constitution that canada could change its constitution without the british formally signing off - if canada wanted to change the constitution it had to go to the british - historically, when it comes to independence canadians havent been so concerned with poltiical sovereignty but economic and culture Economic and Culture Sovereignty - has moved from the british monarch - 1911, 1988, general elections that revolved around one issue: free trade with the US - 1911, conservatives were against free trade
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