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Social and economic setting

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Political Science
Victoria Wohl

Yasmin Alabed, January 11, 2011 1 Lecture #1: Canadian Politics The Social and Economic Setting: 1) Three fault lines a. Three axis around which Canadian politics have evolved i. Rift between English and French o Go back to 1759 French defeat o Originality French were a majority o By the 1850s the English speakers were a majority o Issue in recent years has been about sovereignty o By the 1970s, the discourse in Quebec started to shift, ii. Canadas colonial relationship o Canada had a different relationship to their colonial master than the US o English and French Canada remained loyal to the British crown th o In the 19 century there was fear that the US might annex Canada o In the 20 century, the concern has been defending and protecting Canadian culture, American domination o Canadians know they are not Americans o We have taken protectionist measures o French Canadians actually do have their own identity o The threat to French Canadians is from English Canada, not so much from the US iii. Regionalism o Product of the vastness and diversity of Canada o Canada is very fast in its diversity, in terms of the people, the history and the economics o Provincial governments have promoted provincial identities. o Manufacturing is concentrated in Manitoba and Quebec o Population is concentrated in two provinces (Ontario and Quebec) o Outer Canada Eastern and Western Canada. They are resource hinterlands. Western Canada is heavily dependent on natural resources. They are subjected to booms and busts in their economy. th th o Arises more in the late 19 and early 20 century. It is when western Canada starts to become populated. o Atlantic Canada was once upon a time English Canada.
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