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quebec and language politics

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Victoria Wohl

feb. 8, 2011 pol214 Feb 14 11-2PM ss 2012 intership in political science [email protected] SS Trajectory of Quebec Nationalism 1. identity 2. constitutional landmarks (7) 3. Historical landmarks (9) 4. Ideological evolution (3) *regionalism- test question: 5 immigrant waves to Canada economically and culturally and politically. should senate be abolished. should senate be elected? alberta vs. quebec. differences towards the senate? 1. number of seats. alberta.. not just elected. now only has 6. another reason is elect senate.... certain legitimacy. represent regions. senators elected from quebec be at odds with provincial government. Identity- realtes to culture. ex. canadian? Ontarian? Equally? equally but which first ontario or canadian? QuebecD ?*, only 7% said i think as myself as canadian first. 1% said canadian. among francs, only 1% said they were canadian. 70% quebec onlyfirst. former GG thought she said she was quebec first and then canadian second. similar poll 2 years ago. 59% thought themselves as quebcers only. numbers went up. emotional ties are not strong among quebec francs. makes up 80% of quebec. among the anglophones, 2% thinks of them as quebec only. 45% thinks as canadian first and foremost. 20% said equal. 18% canadian only. 19% think of themselves as quebecers first. break down the data, these identity are strongest among youth. old people over 65 also have strong identification than the young who are higher than the old. this suggest that over time, new young will come along and will get stronger and detachments will be stronger. ex. quebec had a referendum. soverignty association. (seperatism) 1980 and 1995. as time go by, these young people will soverignty and new young ppl are going to vote for soverignty. 30 years after the ref and we see attitude dont follow. young ppl will change their thoughts because they become more conservative. socalization. why is there not growing support for seperatism? becuse of political climate. 2. consituional landmarks
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