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lecture march 15

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Political Science
Victoria Wohl

POL214 LEC MARCH 15 1. TEXBOOK IMAGES OF ABORIGINALS the UN HDI, this past year, cananda was number 3, if you break up the stats for aboirginals, canandian aboriginals was number 63, in terms of education, cananda is th enumber 1 in the world in terms of education. If you break this up for the abroiginals, half live on reserves, cananda is number in education, but status indaians I terms of educatio in canada are number 71. now the textbooks im talking about are the ones we got in schools during 1870s and 1860s, aboriginals were condiered second class citizens, they couldnt vote til 1960, they couldnt sue the govnerment, they were also different that aother citizens, they didnt have ot pay taxes, the governemnt aim for recent aboriignals, I am talking about indians both metis and innuits. The govenrments view was darwinian, which was that they best way to approach the abroiginsl was to assimilate and integrate them somehow into the broader socieity. The view was that there was no future for natives in this country, that their lifestyles were contrary to those of the modern industrializatio culture. They had to be brought into the mainstream socieity. Indians are segregated socially, theyw ere once asylyms owekers, and theyw ere marginalized eocnomically, they werepresented as inferior human beings. The textbooks were depicted as sinister, vicious, not having a culture, compared to wilde animals. They were also described as cunning and stealthy, they had great endurance for cold, hunger, and fatigue, they were described as living in filthy condiitions, warliek. -so abriigiaonsl were depicted as being full of supersittion, their spiritiaul traditions were seen as from statan. -when indians were killed in clashes with whites, this was described as the spread of civiliation, and the cowboy whites were seen as heroes, they were conqouring frontiers and discovering new horizions. Now native children were also educatied this way, this gave them a low self-esteem. This was a n ethnocentric rascist view, the french experienced this too, but the aboriginal context was much greater because unlike the french, the natives were seen as only part-human and more animal. More aboriginals died from disease than from violent conflicts with whites. When whites were killed even a few this was called a massacre, but when neatives were killed this was called a spread of civilization. They viewed the natives as savages, part of the environment. -some people continue to view aboriginals as somehwat inferior, 20 years ago british columbia referred to natives as lacking all the requirements of civilization before contact. The extent then to which they are civilized is only dependent on the extent to which the whites had conqoured and civilized them. -so we had a master race theory of the eurpeans against the aboriginals, thats the impression we got from the TEXTBOOK IMAGES OF ABORIGIANLS 2. ABORIGINAL QUEBEC PARALLELS we saw the french canandaisn have their linguistic and relgigious rights recoggnizaed. They ahd to
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