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Political Science

POL214 LECTURE 1 2012-05-15 Constitutional Foundations of Canada - 1867 Confederation is settled o Aimed to bring together colonial legislatures of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia o Goal of Confederation  Fend off military threat and economic expansion of the US  Overcome deadlock in colonial legislatures  Provide financial foundation for Western expansion  Bridge religious and linguistic gaps - Three Central Challenges of Confederation o How to design a national government to unite existing colonies of NB, NS to Canada o How to forge a federal system linking national government to the newly created provinces o How to create a new relationship to the British crown as Canada changed from colonial status to domino to independent nation  Most of the challenges were resolved with the Constitution Act 1867 - What Constitution Means? o A constitution is (usually) a document outlining the basic governmental structure of a country and the elemental values and principles on which the country is founded o Some constitutions are more written that others  Britain • Unwritten constitution • Legal documents of the British Constitution exists but not in a single document • Constitutional development occurred over time • Documents are scattered  America • Written constitution • One single well known document that contained all laws, etc and was is an easy reference  Canada • A mixture of written and unwritten documents - Co
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