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Lecture 4

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Political Science
Nelson Wiseman

POL214 – Lecture 4 – October 5 th Ministerial Duties Government has grown larger which makes the responsibility of the minister more difficult – ex a minister can be in charge of 20,000 people and must represent them Parliamentary government is constantly changing and evolving Lecture Outline (Continued from Lecture 3) 1) Prospects for constitutional amendment 2) formal organization of the Canadian gov’t 3) Governor General 4) Prime Minister 5) Cabinet 6) Central Agencies Cabinet Continued Pm decides what size the cabinet should be – anywhere from 20 to…. High 40s - PM appoints cabinet minister and also there assistants or deputy minister - Just as parliament is becoming increasingly unimportant so is cabinet Central Agencies - are to support committees that are branches of cabinet Central Agencies 1) Dept of Finance 2) Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) 3) Privy Council Office (PCO) 4) Inter-Govt Affairs 5) Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Rather than a bottom up institutionalized cabinet model there is a top down model Cabinet has become more like a rubber stamp Currently we have a minority gov’t which allows Parliament to embarrass the gov’t Somethings in Ontario Prov Gov’t is similar just has different names Thr provincial gov’ts lare larger than the federal gov’t when put together When you add it all up the Prov Govt are bigger businesses than the Feds The people who works in Central Agencies called super beauraucats 1) Dept of Finance - develops the budget - resoponsible for taxation - oversee polivy - invoved in the govt - negotiates provinces over HST, Canada social transfer, Health Transfer - gained a lot of power in 1990s b/c Canada ran deficits for over a quarter of a century, it waa becoming massively power – so chretien and paul marting looked at the budget with a scalpel - figured out income trust taxes - help backtopped banks to try and stabilize credit mortgges - tried to stabilize the money crisis in Canada - power in Canada is very concentrated and centralized and its at the apex around PM and central agencies around, there is a cabinet but not that impt Determines the size of gov’t, expenditures and revenues, does projections of what the economy is going to be 2) Treasury Board Secretariat Civil servants that help the treasury board do its work Assists the central agencies in preparing their budgets Asses Manages and Oversee everyone, bargains with unions over what pay they are going to get Responsible to monitor that there are francophones and angophones, inverntory visible minorities in each department, and unit Adivices on expenditure management Responsible for personel and management Audits departments Evaluates progranms – are we getting the value out of them? Human resources function kind of, plus personnel and money 3) Privy Council Office Established in 1940 Nerve cen
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