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Lecture 10

POL215Y1 Lecture 10: Vietnam

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Vic Falkenheim

POL215-March 24, 2015 • On exam: • Short answers [3 short answers, double space, 20 minutes, 2 pages] • Authoritarian and elite division • Review: • Democratic consolidation th • Most recent issue in 2015 is the 25 anniversary issue which scholars such as Fukuyama is invited not only has democracy spread but improve standing in terms of ideas and organization and now range supreme in the ideological sphere • Transition issue; democracy in the world, we argued that Tokyo has now secluded Marx • By 2005, a darkening mood among supporters of democracy • We apply qualitative measures o How democracy fueled • Legitimacy dependent on reduce high quality government • Good governance remains on attitudes and perceptions • Democracy remains the goal in most countries o Japan is used as best system of legitimacy • Notion that democracy will survive everywhere because there are no alternatives • Democracy is the default political system now o We have no alternatives so we suffer with this system or get engage in it o No region has this kind of sense of decline and renounce in the Asia pacific • Data is open with this search of east Asian distress o Example: Sunflower movement in Taiwan where students occupy legislature o This suggest a powerful civil society o As a sign of democracy health • Elite interactions, elite divisions triggers • Economic development • Crucial link to economic development = democracy • During 1970s, most political science focuses on social structures, elite institutions as fundamental • No democratic system can be secured • Dismisses freedom and equality for all kinds of economists o Standard measures of democracy because they’re based on external observation ▪ People who try to appraise democracy relies on country experts ▪ They don’t ask people how they feel about democracy, they rely on scholars • How do you assess the health of a political system? o Scholars try to determine democracy search the politics for signs of democratic illness o What should democratic look for? Systems? Behavior, violence • They talk about attitudinal formulation o Doctors ask “how have you been “ and check life expectancy o Metaphor engaging successful consolidation o Centers of two aspects: democratic and authoritarian legitimacy • Assumption is authoritarian regimes are not legitimate • The earth defect of authoritarian regimes is that by com
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