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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Vic Falkenheim

POL 215 July 18- Lecture Taiwan -1947,228 massacre : Taiwanese opposition to kmt control because they feel like its full of nepotism, think that kmt is no better than Japanese colonial rule - 1949, kmt let by chiang Kai shek lost to CCP in civil war - Chung treated Taiwan as an exile government -kmt after 1949 started martial law - Taiwanese developmental state Taiwan focuses on small industries instead of Samsung etc Receive massive aid from United States like South Korea Advantage: already with Japanese colonial development -political transition in tw 1975 Chiang Kai shek died, succeeded by chiang Ching Kuo Liberalization going on -democratization in Taiwan Lee ten hui succeeded chiang Ching Kuo - why did democratization happen in tw 1. Chiang Ching Kuo was a god person and he wanted to change cos he was educated in Moscow, affected by their ideas 2. Modernization theory 3. American influence: tw was major potential flashpoint of Cold War as seen by the Americans According to treaty, americans will come and help tw in 3 days if it is under attack 4.strategic decision model Democracy would only happen when soft liner cooperate with the moderate If other parts take into place there will be huge opposition nd Tutorial notes (2 ESSAY) Essay What does it tell u Abt authoritarianism/democracy ultimately No Wikipedia Prefer In - text citation Just choose any accurate format Sources: around 10 for option A Aug 12 before 5pm hand in paper copy to political science building Meet up with TA Thursday 2-3 Talk to TA the Friday before due date (last chance) Theoretical factors Culture Elites Institutions e.g. Singapore govt owns all the land so if u go on riot ur house might be gone / information control, censorship/ Economics Civil society International Second part of essay Example: china stays authoritarian Middles class mas
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