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Lecture#2-Modernization Theory and others (Basis of Course Term 1))

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Political Science
Lynette Ong

Lecture #2- • Pacific Asiaby embracing democracy is a good quality. They are far more likely to promote the democratic goods. Pursuit of democracy. • Democratization of Pacific Asia will have more implications than the region itself. • Huntington’s three successive waves of democratization. o Most recently 1970s. • Chilean wave of democratization. • These transitions lead to the consolidation of high democracy. • Scholars are powerfully engaged because globally, there is a problem to be explained. o Presumed virtues attached to democracy. • Asian Pacific offers intellectual and policy challenges. o Set of cases that give precise cases.  Understanding transitions within these countries. • Challenges to democratic consolidation • In Thailand 2006, there was a military coup. • There are fragile foundations of democracy within China etc… • In Philippines and Taiwan, there are citizens that are holding on to lingering effects to authoritarianism. • Japanese has lack of positive feelings towards democracy. China is taking its success to appeal to its region. • October 2010, the meaning of democracy, two authors titled their article, Soling Asian puzzle. Democracy consolidation would spread on widespread support. • Indicators have generated impressive results. The Asian barometer survey offered three choices: 1) all democracies are preferable 2) Authoritarians are preferred 3) it does not matter. o The lowest level of democracy was found in South Korea and Taiwan. Highest was in East Asia. o Vietnam and ChinaVery few respondents in a 2008 survey supported the authoritarianism regimes. Modernization Theory • East Asian presents 5 puzzles. 1) Region has defied the global movement towards democratization. Definition of civil liberties I n2005 only 6 of the 18 countries were ranked fully free. 2) the region presented position for MT. Taiwan and SK which supported Modernization as a coherent process that produced political influence etc.. o Taiwan and SK supports the notion that democratization lies in open markets o Principle outliersSingapore and Malaysia who challenges this notion. • Modernization= Industrial revolution leads to democracy • What drives the process that has been missed In Fukyama’s argument is that natural selection is part of the process. • Society gets to choose if they modernize or not. • Even within Canada and the US, we don’t necessarily need electricity etc.. (for amish communities) • This analogy is correlated to the growth of the nation state…Being exposed to the options provided by globalizatio
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