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Political Science
Lynette Ong

Ernie Tam 2011-10-27 Lecture #7-Taiwan • Sunset clause to the current formulaOne country two systems and expires at 2027. o Hong Kong can enjoy its own political and economic system o Transitional periodSubstantial period to go still • In Taiwan it is understood that Beijing calls the shots (for independence issue) • The term greater China emerged in the late 1980s…in reference to dependence on China’s economy from Taiwan and HK. • Speculative rehearsed causality and ask the question of how Taiwan and Hong Kong had influenced democratic Change in China. • Hong Kong is a laboratory of political change in which the Chinese tries to understand o In a region subjected to political control, • Incorporation of incompatible form of democracy • Taiwanese rejected the formula of one country: two system (in reference to China being the one country) • In 1980s, the term greater China came to be, there was a lot of uncertainty. o As researchers going from HK to Taiwan, there was a sensitive region. o In the 1980s, it became possible to travel to both places • There was a big interdependence between Taiwan and China. • When PRC becomes a democracy, Taiwan would join back. (possibility) o Same with HK o Intertwined processes • By 2017,Mainland HK would hold universal elections o The 2010 political reform agreement (Negotiated with the Chinese and there was a partial agreement) o District elections (November), 1200 selection member for chief executive (December) • Membership has been consistently 800 for a number of years. Size of the electorate has been increased to 1200 in the future. • Candidates can put forth their candidacy based on a certain number of signatures. (vote of 1200) • 700 constituency seats • Ultimately, this system is dominated by executive in which the chief executive is slected by China. THe point is that; the system will alter based on Beijing’c commitment. • All of HK will vote in popular election. Very significant change. • What are the optics of China being ruled by some sort of democracy in a small region? o Why can’t HK or Southeast have particular rights and not us? Ernie Tam 2011-10-27 o Beijing has an opportunity to develop pro Beijing.Political parties and give the degree of autonomy to develop effective appeals. • The democrats more generally committed to the full development of democratic rights. 60-65% electoral support. Mid 1990s…. • Beijing in order to effectively shape politics in HK has to figure out how to manage electoral processes. • Raises a whole host of questions: what about democracy in China? Obviously, middle class Chinese feels that democracy is a good system (based on EAB). • The Chinese Middle Class is not interested in sharing power with the peasants and as a result, there is a huge power struggle • Commonly voiced objection to democracy to China, then Tibet would declare independence as well. This is an issue that Canadians have sensitivity to. • Chinese has passed a clarity clasein regards to Taiwanese independnecein the event that Taiwan would eclare indpeendnece. (military threat) o Article 35 of Chinese COnstitutiona llows HK and Taiwan for them to coexist together • Ultimately the fate of the democracy in these three parts of China is intertwined. THe debate of democracy has been looking at Taiwan and Hong Kong. Greater China • In 1994, there was a British administration in HK • Japanesne imperial aisma re detache as a result of defeat. • 1895-1945Taiwan returns to the mother land but in the context of the world War II used the resources to help sustain the nationalsits war effort • Because over the 50 years, post Taiwanesne collobraoted with Japanese. The initial regimes that went to Taiwan was exploited and generated a major revolt.
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