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Mao Cultural Revolution Era

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Political Science
Lynette Ong

Lecture2The Mao Revolution Era A just cause is indestructibleFor Mao and the Communist Party taking power was just the first step The Real Revolution was about to begin China laid devastated by foreign invasion The previous regime caused the country to be bankrupt Pride and prosperity was wished for by citizens Mao and his colleagues had a vision of change The Communist forged a new structure and set up a network of branches Party officials explained the structure oPeople were to be masters of the country to eat to wear propaganda The reforms went beyond economics and to personal relationsoBefore revolution women had to do what they were told and had no rights There were three obediences father husband and son oThe government first major legislation was to make men equal to women Marriage was arranged by parents or matchmakers Women could marry the men they loved so they were very happy Everyone belonged to a work unit At first people were uncomfortable with them but got used to it In the countryside the changes were just as profound For centuries peasants had suffered hardships During the revolution Mao won the peasants support by promising them a better life gave them land Party officials told peasants to seize property from landlords oIt was fierce and dragged me to the grounds LandlordoPeasants were encouraged to beat their landlords oNearly half of Chinas arable land were distributed to peasants During land reform the peasants got at least three acres of land Gradually their life became better oNow it was the people who were the masters People saw the benefits so they supported the communist party Second in authority was yuchen chi Mao No theory was sacred to him Astute strategist Mao believed that China needed strong support and visited Moscow but Joseph Stalin was a difficult ally They agreed to defence treaty and limited aid oThe United States did not recognize China
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