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Semester 2-Lecture#3-The “East Asian Developmental State” and its critiques

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Lynette Ong

Ernie Tam20120126Lecture 3The East Asian Developmental State and its critiquesEnormous development over the next 3040 years There is a surge in interest in East Asian countries The countries started to grow Japan in the 60s as well as the four East Asian tigers What are the four East Asian tigers oSouth KoreaoHong KongoTaiwan oSingaporeThe second tier batch of East Asian tigers They are deemed as less successful as the first tier tigersThe world Bank in its report called it the economic miracleThe factors that led to the economic success have been subject of intense debate among political scientists oCiting some intrinsic cultural reasons that explained the economic success of these countries oFeatures of developmental state some of the critiques about them Structure of Lecture What explains the East Asian economic developmentMarket based explanationoNeo liberal economists how they see the success of the country State based explanationoChalmers Johnsons on JapanoAlice Amsden on SK oRobert Wade on Taiwan Critiques of the model MarketNeoliberal Explanation Adam Smiths Invisible hands Getting the basics right rule of law macroecon stability social infrastructure education oIn the education sector if the government doesnt intervene people who wants to study acquire education will have to pay full education feesoPrivate providers would come into provide education at a price where people are willing to pay that is how markets work supplydemand oIn an industry such as education some people might argue that there is a government interventionoIndustry that provides returns for people in education as people become more educated ie women it will bring a return not only to herself but also to the family through child care education of next generation etcThe term that describes is known as extensnalitysociety as a whole
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