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Lecture#4-China's Reforms under Deng Xiaopeng

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Political Science
Lynette Ong

Ernie Tam20120202Lecture4Chinas Reforms under Deng XiaopingOutline of Lecture Political economyreforms under Deng Xiaopingintense political struggle at the elite level after Chairman Mao died Xiaoping finally won the elite struggle bc he had a lot of experience in the party and support late 1970s When he came to power he introduced several liberal economic reforms which changed China beyond recognition Why certain politics were introduced ahead of others and its logic behind it Key Question How China has managed to introduce economic reform at the beginning without liberalization oPolitical liberalization had been introduced before economic reform eg Soviet UnionGobrachev How is this possible Agricultural cultivation before industrial revolution early 1980s and 1990s Winners and Losers in Chinas Economic Transition 1980s1990s Features of a centrally planned system oUrban Bias Urban residence was favored while rural residents were discriminated against a central feature of the system Extracted the profits from rural agricultural to urban industry Urban Industry Losers RuralAgriculturalwinners The system before economic reform had the outflow of profits from ruralagricultural to heavy urban industry oFiscal revenue centrally controlled oPower was centralized in Beijing
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