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Political Science
Jacques Bertrand

POL215 LEC 7 10/18/2012 6:06:00 AM Developmental state cont. Taiwan: No large conglomerates Stronger role of public enterprises and few private/public linkages state targeted interventions Equivalent to MITI: targeted industrial planning by small technocratic group -much less systematic cooperative discussion, and close management that some of the Japanese and Korean had embodied. Historic Accident? Japan and militarist past cold war politics Japan had already the structures to manage the economy. Authoritarian or democratic? MITI Authoritarian tendencies: shielding form public pressure and interest groups stable executive public mobilization for development goals – a state directed public mobilization. Korea and Taiwan – authoritarian Japan? Not authoritarian not democratic in the sense of having change over government. Did it work long term? Japan: The original dev. State appears as a case that has failed long term. Lots of growth with 2 decades of stagnation. -the ‘old’ system reached its limits, reforms made things worse. South Korea and Taiwan: continued of growth Democratization Significant change in managing the economy Japan Was japan going to be able to transition from a militarist regime into a new political system does economic development produce democracy over long term? Japan – its starting point is fairly developed which has its failing democratic issues. pre-1945 authoritarianism industrialization n and the meiji restoration the roots of industriali
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