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Political Science
Jacques Bertrand

POL215 LEC 5 10/4/2012 6:10:00 AM Emergence of Nationalism (a move forward) Nationalism Emerged in Asia because of : World War I and idea of self-determination Technological change and population movement. Formation of new elites Reaction to the West Forms of Nationalism in Asia Expansionist/Militarist (Japan) National liberation (China) “Nation-building” (Indonesia) National, exclusivist (Malaysia) Expansionist/Militarist - the first Asian nationalism Reactive against he increasing intrusion by the European powers and in particular the United States. video – move to isolation under Tokugawa sultanate adaptation to compete with Europeans 1853: Europeans able to open Japan Aggressive expansionism and militarism as response Why Expansionist? the major restoration: first step in modernizing and transforming the Japanese state a realization the shogun had reached its limit, and the comparison was the European/Americans…and there for a modern state. Bureaucracy and military, etc. 1905 – border war with Russia…Japan wins. A huge insertion of equality, a strong statement of Asian peoples being capable of a strong state. Inspiring groups across the island to rebuke the racism places by colonial powers. The rise of ideology of militarism National liberation China was a stable society for 2000 years the decay of the Qing dynasty transform China into a new society a reaction to Western powers A sense of reinventing the Chinese people as a new society Indonesia - Nation Building Indirect Rule Impact of colonial economy (
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