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POL215 Lec 3 9/27/2012 6:03:00 AM Nationalism and Independence Asia before colonial times Thriving empires with smaller kingdoms and principalities Dynamic societies migrating influence from religious and cultural aspects advanced technologies, invented gun powder, architecture(Angkor Wat), engineering Advanced bureaucratic structures well before colonial times we see thriving societies , dynamic and going through cultural change with advanced technologies Global relations: global patterns , stretch of religions, Such as the mongols stretching out their empire trade networks which brought in influences its not that colonial empires opened up these influence to the world, they were already open Colonial Patterns Entry in global markets – already existed through trade however the entrance into new and different markets. Which Europeans were particularly interested in taking over. Such as the spice route and enhancing the production of spice for EU consumption. Sugar also important, sugar plantations were created through out the region for EU consumption. To establish certain commodities for EU consumption which resulted in the transformation of certain landscapes for sugar, tin, coconuts, etc New economic structures Transformation of agricultural societies. The cultivation System > people were required to produce a certain quota for EU authorities. New political structures- it mattered whether colonial powers used direct and indirect rul
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