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POL215 TUT 4 10/22/2012 8:02:00 AM Japan Pempel reading– pork barrel politics (patronage) why did the LDP – the system was effective, the Japanese economy was doing so well that the government could afford inefficient policies, when the bubble burst 1993 then they couldn’t afford those policies. They were however very resistant to change. They couldn’t appease the productivity faction because of the pork barrel activities. Alternative explanation why the LDP could dominate Japanese politics for so long- cultural argument Haddad article – less ethnocentric view of what democracy is. State and society argument – that state arises from society, the state was not a unitary actor but was actually rooted into society, bringing society back in. We cant just look at the state when looking at democratic consolidation but also society. Looking at the practice of civil society organizations to understand the democra
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