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Lecture 6

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Political Science
Rodney Haddow

POL 224 week 6 Lec Oct 16, 2012 Identity Politics -my “self” is... female, gay, aboriginal, green -new ideologies:feminism, environmentalism -but also evokes neo-conservatives backlash -Nevitte: left right spectrum now divides “identity pluralism” from “traditional values” -left right spectrum has not entirely disappeared -superimposed on, not replacing material divide -conflict on economy (material/ modern) now mixes with conflict on civil society (post- material) -left: helping the poor, minority -right: material, low taxes, low spending, free market -possible to support Obama and Romney in certain aspects -economic redistribution but no gay marriage etc. -richer countries are usually more post-material -some rich countries do this differently than others -ex. N. America vs. Europe Canadian Political Culture -do Canadians think politically like.. (Americans)? -most powerful country in the world -hegemonic -Americanization? -historical= qualitative views -get to know what citizens have done by electing governments of a certain kind -if a state tends to always vote conservative you know the citizens prefer privati- zation -surveys= quantitative evidence 1. ideologies in developed democracies POL 224 week 6 Lec Oct 16, 2012 liberalism: ideology of European differentiation -Locke -state self- restraint -protects the individual over the inferior state -individuals should have equal opportunity to pursue their interests, using reason -initially, free to make money, later freedoms of speech etc. -individuals have the capacity to make their own decisions (using reason) -don’t need the king/ pope to tell me what to do conservatism: response favored community, steered by hierarchies to protect tradition -emerged as a challenge to liberalism -traditional -basis of capitalism -dehumanizing factors (seen in the industrial revolution, conveyor belt factories etc.) -hierarchy is superior to the individual -believed liberalism had forgotten the idea of community -community is organic, organs of society run the body of the whole -requires each individual to do their part -the strength of the hierarchical rulers is in their understanding of the path to happiness that lies in traditionalism socialism: champion of community (workers) -use reason for equality of condition 2. Hartz’s fragment thesis & Canada -new societies (N. America, Australian, New Zealand etc.) get part of political concept of mother country, that of settlers -when did the immigrants come? From what part of the mother country? -ex. US Puritans from England -minority in England -all equal and alone before God, Liberal -mediated by the bible (translated into the language of the believer) -persecuted in England POL 224 week 6 Lec Oct 16, 2012 -religious views transferred to political views -Canada: MacRae believed Quebec was Catholic; hierarchical community of faith -conservative -feudal -signorial system (based on feudalism) -Quiet Revolution (1960’s)? -Quebecers today are secular compared to other provinces -still their sense of community remains very traditionally conservative -English Canada like the US, liberal -loyalists -Horowitz argues that English Canada was shaped by US, libe
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