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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Rodney Haddow

When turning to the issue of the Canadian Party System this is where best both the Canadian and comparative aspects of the course come together By comparing to other nations we can see how truly anomalous Canadas parliament isThree main anomaliesAnomaly 1 Until 2011 Liberals and Conservative were the two main parties and these two have historically not divided along social class The typical liberalworking class conservativeupper class dichotomy has not really existed Canadian parties have been mongrels will appeal to whoever will give them the vote regardless of class This feeds the fact that Canadian parties have not divided much on ideological grounds Frank Underhill argues the history behind this is that in 1840 the anglo canadians in ontario were more interested in taking over the legislature than making the french canadians learn english They wanted independence from the British and this could be attained through taking dominance of the legislature from the crown so they worked in cahoots with the French canadians to achieve this goal With dominance in the legislature they could block the government and eventually gain power over the budget This is responsible government meaning the exec is subservient to legislature and thus ended the rule of the British Government The plan ultimately worked But the fact that all factors of Canada worked together to achieve this common goal meant that from the get go different idealogical factions in the Canadian legislature became naturally bound together What matters is working together to get something done not ideology principles or valuesThe fact that the liberalconservative party existed and later the progressive conservative party both supposedly oxymorons will tell you something about the ideological indifference of Canadian partiesAnomaly 2 Stratarchy A little less anomalous than the other two anomalies yet still quite anomalous Franchise structure Like Mcdonalds they give you same burger everywhere just like MPs of a party give you the same policy regardless of constituency Local party leaders have a bit of control but not much Ultimately as long as the candidates sell the burgers the party wants sold dont care who the candidate isAnomaly 3 Minor Parties have had nearly no clout Parties outside of the big two libs and cons never came higher than third before 1993Why Weve already mentioned Underhill Social class was not the basis of ideological differences between parties there really is no ideological difference The farmer could vote for a third party that would support his interests but with no chance of getting elected or pragmatically for one of the two broker parties that would do something for him
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