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Lecture 3

Week 3-Credibility Transferability

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Political Science
Anthony Sealey

Lecture #3- Credibility Transferability  Validity is a concept most easily identifiable with quantitative research  Term has a wide range of possible meanings in the field of research methods, but the central idea revolves around accuracy and truthfulness Different types of validity (quantitative research)  Measurement validityfor a measurement to be valid, if it accurate represents the concept that it is intended to operationalize. o Face validity is one aspect of measurement validity. “common sense validity”  Does the measure we are using seem like it should be used as a measure? o E.g. Which has a greater face validity for “animal rights activism” : someone who owns a pet or an individual; who donates to animal shelters?  Someone who owns a pet can beat their pet. Hence the individual who donates to animal shelters is better.  Indicators are said to be “divergently valid” if the variables are thought to be indicators of the same measure- but have reverse directionalities- and they yield opposing results for most cases. o Indicator vs. measure  Difference is that we can use multiple indicators to construct a measure.  An indicator is only ONE component of a measure. o E.g. the indicators “support for same sex marriage” and “opposition to abortion rights” are said to have “convergent validity” if they are thought to be indicators of a measure of “moral traditionalism” and they yield similar results for most cases.  External validity-findings are generalized from the sample included in analysis to cases outside of the sample.  Internal validity-A study internally in itself makes sense. Credibility  Qualitative research is said to be credible if the data used in the qualitative account fits the world being described; the qualitative account must be believable.  Qualitative research is said to be transferable if the findings can
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