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Lecture 5

Week 5 lecture

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Political Science
Anthony Sealey

Week 5  A table is a simple n x n visualization of the includence of joint occurrence of particular values of each of the variables.  The analysis of tables is a relatively simple, straightforward technique that allows us to assess the  Find the cell that indicates women on the left o Bottom right are women on the right  0 is left and 1 is right  Women on the right top right??  When assessing relationships, there are two key components to consider: strength and generalizable. (how strong a relationship and how much info do we have from this relationship?  Generalizability=statistical significance  Strength of relationship, keep in mind of the dimensionality and level of measurement of each of the variables.  Depending on the dimensionality and level of measurement, we use different measures of association to assess strength.  Different researchers prefer different measures of association. To simplify Case1: if we have two binary variables, use phi. Case 2: if we have a nominal variables, Use Cramer’sV. Case 3: If we have two symmetric ordinal variables, use Tau-B Case 4: If we have two asymmetric ordinal variables, Use Tau-C. Right Measure of Association Crosstab Specification Measure of association Indication of Direction Nominal x nominal 2x2 Phi Yes Nominal x nominal Greater tha
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