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Lecture 6

Week 6-Lecture Pearson's R

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Political Science
Anthony Sealey

Week 6-Lecture Pearson’s R and Spearman’s p  Spearman’s P  As the dots spread out, correlation decreases  The idea of spearman’s row is the same idea as correlation. One of the things we are looking for is: Logan regression (nonlinear relation) Assignment #2 Write up  Tablesassessment (explain whether there are relations.) (tell why you are using the statistic you have chosen) is it a strong relationship?  Graphics assessment of graphics (2-3 sentences) What is the graph telling you? o Basic idea of what it is demonstrating R help  Anything that is at the end of arrow 0 & lftrght<4] 3 & lftrght<8] 7 & lftrght<11] high value o DO you think women have the right to abortion?  Strongly disagreelow value  When recording ensure that all indicators have same range. Make sure that each of your indicators has the minimum (0) and maximum (1), and that intermediary values are equally spaced in between. o E.g. binaryyes or no?--> one end of spectrum should be yes and the other is no. Non Traditionalist Moral Traditionalist 0 1 Step 3: Reliability analysis  Cronbach’s ALPHA score. (0.5 or higher= more accuracy)  Highest possible score  Range between 0 and 1 (directionality must be correctly coded) o If not, then it is negative (directionality of one code is wrong)  1= being strong fit, 0=weakest  Unstandardized and standardized score o Difference between the two: If one of the indicators is 0 and 1, and has two categories but the other shave 4 or 10 categories, standardized would compare between then.  For the purposes of this course, we will use a standardized alpha score of 0.50 as our cut off. Step four: Combining Indicators  Once we have tested the indicators to ensure that their fit is good, the next step is to combine them into a single Indicator  Add them up and divide by the number of indicators. Syntax method for Indicators (Moral traditionalist index)  Standardized alpha score 0.6096 (goo d score)  MRTRIN1, MRTRIN2, MRTRIN3 (if we delete any of these items, the alpha score would go down) o CES 2004 data set  The Standardized alpha score has to be higher than the alpha scores of the other three items above. World Value Survey (Wave 4 Post Indus)  The Third indicator:  DMVSN1, DMVSN2, DMVSN3  DO these variables fit together (step 3) Lecture two-Factor Analysis  Factor analysis falls within a broad category of methodological approaches that are useful for identifying patterns and commonalities in sets of indicators that might be conceptualized using a variety of alternative sets of concepts.  Other similar approaches include: o Principal component analysis o Cluster analysis o Multidimensional scaling. 
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