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Ramin Jahanbegloo

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POL 300 – March 29 2012 Democracy is missing its introspection; does not live up to the novel principles and ideals God to MLK is not divine, hiding himself from of democracy cosmic cave; Don’t accuse them, accuse yourself for people For him, god is fellowship and goodness turning communist; it is caused by poverty; due to the failure of democracy If god is personalized ; very unique way to relate to god; teachings of jesus Christ Second way; actually going and looking self in the others; - King’s Christ is seeker of social justice and somebody who protests against We have excuse of friendly personality; we’re poverty and injustice; centrality of capable of evil, if we become ideologically King;.. can Christian become a oriented; you can manage the hatred; ideology Communist in to Nazism, but we all share within the best of - First meaning is, life dead, resurrection us, some evil, within the worst of all, we share - 2To live out what ones talks about some good - 3willings to die for a cause We need some spiritual practice in addition to Philosophy of love spiritual - Means of the oppressed True meaning of love; this is when you have - Physical violence and hated or to give in opportunity to defeat the opponent, and you and resign; or to nonviolent resistance actually don’t defeat; win-win, not win-lose, this which is what MLK is suggesting to us time, you try to defeat the system, not the - Love is Christian imperative as to moral opponent imperative
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