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Political Science
Abbas Gnamo

POL301 Lecture NotesAugust 1 2013Introducing Feminism Gender and SexoFemenism a movement dedicated to womens political social and economic equalityoFeminist theory Goal is to explain why women are subordinated and unequal gender relationsoGender is distinct from sexTerm coined in 1972 Ann OakleyHas nothing to do with biologyA social constructA set of socially constructed characteristics that define masculinity and femininity and determines stratus and role of societyMasculine characteristics are more valuedoSex and GenderBiological and physical conditions lead to the determination of male or female sexRoles of men and women play in society are not biologically determinedGender defines the role of a person in societyFeminist goalsoEqual access to maternal welfareoEqual access to resources responsibilities and opportunitiesoEqual access and control over resources and benefitsoEqual access to participation in decision makingoEquality does not mean that women and men will become the same but that women and men have equal access to opportunitiesoEmployment equity pay equity equity in the various institutions of government and equity in family settingoFight against Patriarchy and physical and sexual violenceFeminist theories and strategiesoInfluential booksSimone de Beauvoir The Second Sex 1949 theoreticalwomen is the other in a male dominated societyBetty Freidan The Feminine mystique 1963 theoreticalTold women to look for employmentst1 waveEqualitynd2 waveChild custodyrd3 waveSocial and economic rightsoFeminist perspective and strategies includeLiberal feminists
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