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Lecture 20

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Political Science
Abbas Gnamo

POL301 Lecture NotesJuly 25 2013South AfricaoAfrican National Congress ANCOldest party in AfricaCreated to support the interests and rights of blacks against discrimination apartheidoMajority is black but has a white minority of 89oSouth African EconomyLargest country in SubSaharan AfricaGDP 3573 billionPer capita 10 700Unemployment 257Has inequality in itMinority whites and black elites control most of the wealthWants to halve unemployment and poverty by 201473 of economy TertiaryTrade transport and service7 of economy is primarymining20 of economy is secondaryManufacturingApartheid system and experimentoVictory of National Party representing Afrikaners in 1948 under the leadership of Dr Malan led to the introduction of a social experiment called Apartheid apartness segregationoApartheid is institutionalized racism and supported by the stateOfficial segregationEnforced by law from 1948 to 1994A system to control and concentrate the wealth of the country by minority whites 4 million in S AfricaoIdeology of Apartheid explained by one Afrikaner intellectual as followsThe preservation of the pure race tradition of Boervolk must be protected at all cost in all possible ways as holy pledge entrusted to us by our ancestors as part of Gods plan with our peopleoThe system characterized people in 4 categories African Coloured Indian and Whiteintroduced by the Registration Act 1950oRacist laws were introducedGroup Area Act 1950Can only live in certain areaRegistration of Public Amenities Act and The University Education Act 1950Some races could not go to different places
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