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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Abbas Gnamo

POL301 Lecture NotesMay 21 2013Rise of Europe and Imperialismo1492 two major developmentThe discovery of America by C Columbus followed by population motivated by Three Gs Gold God GloryThe defeat of Arabs in Spain by Queen Isabelle and King Ferdinand and the end of their occupation after centuries of presenceoThe end of feudalism and the centralization of states which laid out foundation for the creation of national statesoDevelopment of mercantilism early capitalism accumulation of buillion gold silver and slave labour connecting the three continents the Americas Europe and Africao1497 Vasca da Gama Portuguese arrived on the west coast of AfricaNeeded slaves to cultivate land in Americas after the indigeneous people in Americas died from diseasesAfricans could adapt to Americas climate because all tropicaloEuropean RenaissanceEnlightenment Explosion of intellectual scientific artistic achievements political ideas and changeththImportant movement in 17 and 18 centuryMovement for freedom reasoning justice and liberty equalitythoLate 18 centuryIndustrial Revolution when modern economic growth took off with 15 growth each decadethBy late 19 Euro OffShoots wealth much higher than nonEuropean worldSlave trade spice trade precious metals exotic goodsAtlantic tradeFootholds establishedoContemporary western society establishedoBecomes dominant society with science and technologySlave TradethoEnd of the 15 centuryArabs and Europeans had influence in AfricaThere was a global perception of slavery as an important part of political and economic expansionoAtlantic Slave Trade aka Triangle tradeWest Africa slaves transportedAmericas farming miningEurope raw materials manufactured into goods for export to Africa or EuropethoSlave trade was from 1516middle of 19 century 1850oEveryone participates it was a normal economic activity of the timeo930 million peopleOther
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