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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Abbas Gnamo

POL301 Lecture NotesMay 28 2013Legacies of European colonial rule in AfricaoIndependence and state power was transferred to inheritance elitesoBorders were accepted as they were during colonial times and country names were also acceptedo2 most important challengesNationbuilding how to transform statenations into nationstatesEconomic development how to bring about economic growth by reforming underdeveloped economies characterized by high levels of internal disarticulation some places developed and have infrastructure and some not as much uneven development and external dependenceCompeting visions for independent AfricaoPanAfricanism and territorial nationalismoPanAfricanismPanAfricanism was inspired by the desire to instil racial pride among African peoples on the continent and in the DiasporaPromote solidarity among them andFoster their social and economic integrationHad two main objectivesLiberate AfricansBring all Africans under one movement uniting BlacksMarcus GarveyBegan to promote African nationalism and advocate African self governmentMotto was Africa for AfricansCreated the Universal Negro Improvement Association UNIADifferent perspectives on panafricanismK Nkrumahoindependence of Ghana was meaningless unless it was linked with the total liberation of the African continentNkrumahoIdea of continental PanAfricanism through the creation ofg the USAoGuinea and Ghana joined together to start the unionTwo opposing blocsoCasablanca progressives led by GhanaGhana Guinea Ahmed Sekou Toure Morocco Algeria Ben Bella Congo Patrice Lumumba Mali Tanzania and Egypt Gamal Abdul NasserLeftistSocialist state progressive political integrationoMonrovia conservatives led by Nigeria24 countries
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